Chocolate bread

This is possibly the ugliest thing I’ve ever baked, but the taste more than makes up for it. It’s a chocolate-flavored bread with dark chocolate chips that comes from the book Tasting Paris. The thing I keep telling people is that it is NOT a sweet bread. It’s regular bread, flavored with cocoa, with some dark chocolate chips folded in. Not a lot of chips, either – 1/2 cup for a recipe that makes 3 smallish loaves. About enough for one chip in about every other bite. I used Black Onyx cocoa, too, which is extra, extra dark (looks like ground expresso coffee!), so you definitely get the bitter in the bittersweet flavor, which I love. I gave one loaf to George, and brought one to work, and have not gotten any feed back, thus far. I may be the only one who actually likes it, which kinda works for me, because I like it so much.

It’s not something I like, but I can see this making a bloody good Fluffernutter, or peanut butter/bananna sandwich. I haven’t tried spreading it with jam, yet, but I expect blackberry or cherry would be most excellent.

It was enjoyable to make, too, even though I didn’t do any kneading. The recipe said that if you did it by hand, to be prepared to knead for 20 minutes, which I wasn’t sure I was up for, so I stuck with the stand-mixer instructions (which seemed to be the author’s default method, anyway.) But, it’s a really nice-feeling dough, and I did do some hand stretching between rises, and formed the loaves by hand, so that was nice. Makes a mess of the fingernails, though. I looked like I had been gardening, or something! When they came out of the oven, I was really afraid they were ruined. They bake at 450F, for 40-45 minutes, and the chips on the outside of the loaves (which mostly fell off) definitely tasted burned, but once I cut into a loaf and tasted it, it was fine. It’s just so dark, it *looks* burned. As I said: Ugly. Ugly delicious, lol!

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